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Designers Who Code - Intro to Vuex

  • Collider Coworking 14 4th Street SW, Suite 203 Rochester, MN, 55902 United States (map)

Are you a designer or developer who is interested in leveling up your web programming game? David Dangerfield will show you how. David gave us an excellent Intro to Vue.js talk last year, and he follows it up this year with an Intro to Vuex. Vue.js is a simple, yet powerful framework/library for creating web apps. If you have any experience in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, this will be a great addition to your web skills.

Many web apps are littered with state all over the place in a tangled mess. But when done right, web application state can be simple and beautiful. Vuex (Vue.js’s state management library) makes this easy. In this talk we'll show you an example of the beautiful state in a Vue.js app.

David Dangerfield is a Senior Front-end Engineer at SmugMug. By day he writes a mix of React and PHP to maintain and improve SmugMug. By night he dreams of the day when all projects will switch to Vue.js. He’s not holding his breath.