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PyRochesterMN Meetup

Hi Pythonistas, Your monthly session of Python-love is back, to continue our discussions of all things Python-related. As always, bring your thoughts and questions for the group. We'd love it if you wanted to tell us about what you're up to with Python at work, or on the side. Pleased with your deployment setup? Building executables to run on user's machines? Vectorizing calculations using Numpy or something simlar? Are you using the new async module? Or do you just have a bit of code that you love or hate? We'd love to chat about it with you. (or give us a traditional eyes-front presentation if you prefer) Several of us expressed interest in exploring Python's recently acquired async features. Does anyone have anything they'd like to show to talk about this? Jonathan would be delighted to skip through the opening parts of David Beazley's old presentation on 'generator tricks' if those present haven't already seen it. It was pretty mind-blowing for me when I first saw it, really opened my eyes to some of the things Python's capable of, and much of the code I write these days is influenced by it. The rooms have projectors (With DVI and VGA inputs - I'll bring my HDMI converter too) so we can geek out (with snacks & drinks) while people show us their code or whatevs. Peace.