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The Collider Experts Series

Powered By YOU!

The Collider Experts Series is a fantastic chance to showcase your talents to the Rochester Community.  You will work 1:1 with Collider in crafting and marketing your class.  

Best of all, 70% of the ticket proceeds go directly to YOU!

Examples of classes:

• Social Media 101
• Intro to Quickbooks
* Leadership Development
* Lean Startup
* Shooting the perfect cell phone video

Just interested in learning?  No problem.  We know that this series will be of benefit to everyone.  Collider Members get a half price discount on individual classes.  

Thanks to our sponsor, Winona State University Rochester College of Business for their support of the Collider Coworking Experts Series.

October 26th: Victory in the Tank - Jared Eberhard (5pm @Collider Coworking)