Ecosystem Building Puts Entrepreneurs First


1 Million Cups Rochester was on the road this week for the first time.  We visited local entrepreneurs Dawn and Steve Finnie of Little Thistle Brewing Company in NW Rochester.  A group of about 40 people came out to tour the space and learn more from the founders.  


The Finnies' have created a beautiful space that is inviting to all and will become a real gathering place in the city.  They opened their doors to us even though the brewery wasn't quite ready and made time out of their busy schedule to talk with the group and hold tours.  For those of you that have started a new business, you know that right before launch tends to be the craziest time of all.  The Finnie's willingness to participate fully is a real example of entrepreneurs that give first in our ecosystem.

Thanks to all of you that came to the event and stepped up to help contribute to Little Thistle through growler pre-sales, T-shirt and hat purchases, as well as sharing helpful ideas.  Interested in supporting Little Thistle?  Check out their online shop and membership plans.  Also make sure to connect with them on through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to be the first to know when they will officially be open.


Robust entrepreneurial ecosystems put local entrepreneurs first.  The ecosystem is built around our entrepreneurs to support, encourage and celebrate all that they do.  The Little Thistle event was a massive example of this and a validation that our ecosystem is on the rise.  

I wish Dawn and Steve all the best as they continue their entrepreneurial journey in Rochester.  

Check out the always excellent Jeff Kiger's article in the Post Bulletin for his take on the event.