Ecosystem Building Through Convening


One of the primary catalysts for building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is convening members of our ecosystem together in one place to share ideas and celebrate.  

A great example of this principle was Medical Alley Association's "Alley Chat" event in Rochester this last week.  Rochester's first ever Alley Chat brought together members of Minnesota's Medical Alley to Rochester see the progress and understand our drive to create a destination, not only for medical care but medical entrepreneurship. 

I was able to chat with so many of you that have a genuine passion for improving the lives of millions through better and more innovative healthcare.  It was so energizing to meet with the new medical pioneers and be able to show off Collider Coworking.  

Thanks so much to Medical Alley and all the great sponsors that supported the event.  Many people worked very hard to pull this event together.  Thanks to everyone that was involved in the planning.  I'm looking forward to the next "Alley Chat."