Culture THEN Place


People ask me all the time "why do you focus so much on community building?"  My usual response is "It's all about the culture THEN place.  If we don't generate real, authentic relationships with our family, workplaces or entrepreneurial ecosystems, we won't get very far. 

I believe that building culture always needs to come first in ecosystem building.  It can seem senseless to some, but I usually find that they are the products of places that have never actually invested the time and effort into creating a positive, supportive culture in the first place.

We are creating a fantastic culture right now in Collider.  A culture of individuals that gather together because we are stronger together than apart.  A culture of doers and dreamers. A culture of creative craziness on the edge of Discovery Square.  

This Friday will be our second FREE day of coworking at Collider.  It's a perfect time to experience our culture and our amazing people firsthand. 

We will see you there.