Collider at 3+

The original Collider Class (courtesy of Becky and AJ Montpetit)

The original Collider Class (courtesy of Becky and AJ Montpetit)

This isn't an error...the concept behind Collider is actually a little over three years old this week.  

Close friends know that I started to sketch out the concept behind Collider in the now infamous "Red Notebook" about three and a half years ago.  During that time, I envisioned a space that would allow "random collisions" to happen more effortlessly and empower changemakers in our community.

Another little known secret about Collider is that the first iteration of Collider was actually a class that met for a little over a month in Rochester.  The concept was simple, a group of changemakers came together to learn to deal with our fears and doubts and work together to move our projects forward.

To say that this class changed the course of my life is an understatement.  This class (facilitated by the amazing Travis Wilson) forced me to come to terms with my internal demons of self doubt and fear.  It helped me realize that I didn't need permission to make a change in myself or my community.  I just needed to start doing!  

I got to know and become friends with so many fantastic people over the course that month.  Many of them were instrumental in the evolution of BioAM, and my transition out of Mayo Clinic and into the modern iteration of Collider.  

Many of the core concepts that I learned in the Collider class became the core of what Collider is today.  With all the changes happening in the Rochester area now, maybe it's time to fire up the class again to empower a new generation of changemakers?

Were you a part of the original Collider class?  Drop me an email and let me know what you are up to.