More than just a place to work


Collider offers space to get your work done, but also serves as a place to collide with local and visiting business people and creatives.



Open Workspace 


Collider provides an open workspace perfect for one person to an entire team.  This open workspace creates "random collisions" that we have found to be vital to our emerging ecosystem. 


Free drinks and snacks

We believe that a secret to business success can often be found in the kitchen.  Collider provides free snacks and drinks and to support our community.

Conference Rooms

Hold your next meeting with collider

Collider boasts two conference rooms that holds from 2-12 people.  Conference rooms are available to all tenants of Collider and also available to rent for our visitors.

Bleu Duck.png

Bleu Duck Kitchen

Innovative American Cuisine 

Bleu Duck Kitchen is a full service restaurant that provides this familiar and welcoming atmosphere. Bleu Duck also offers a large event space and a private dining room that is perfect for business dinners to large product launches.

Quiet Rooms

Privacy for phone calls and small meetings

Collider boasts three quiet rooms so you can have a phone call or video chat in peace.  It's also a great place for small, two person meetings.

Conley-Maass-Downs Building

the home of innovation in Rochester, mN

14 on 4th St. SW in downtown Rochester, MN has been the physical location of innovators for over 117 years.  Now it's the home of innovative companies that will fuel the Rochester business ecosystem for the next 100 years.


Ready for a Tour?

Explore Collider in 3D Space right from your screen thanks to our partners from Area 10 Labs.  


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